Blu’s Simplicity vs Apollo’s Huge Selection

2014.01.10 ecigologist 003 Blu’s Simplicity vs Apollo’s Huge Selection

In the electronic cigarette industry, there are two brands that have been battling it up in popularity, sales, quality of products, awesome flavors as well as customer rewards. These are Blu cigs and Apollo cigs. Blu cigs and Apollo cigs are both E-cig brands that had been around for years now and have very credible reputation. They are consistently getting a lot of positive reviews and are the E-cig two brands you need to have if you are looking for the best vaping experience. However, the two brands seem to be taken separate ways as to how they approached their customers. Blu cigs power is about simplicity. Making vaping experience so much easier for people while Apollo cigs want to focus on giving every vapers of any types – beginners and advanced – products that can satisfy them. Which one has the better approached? Let us look deeper and find out.

Blu Cigs Simplicity
Ever since Blu cigs had been bought by Tobacco giant company Lorillard (makers of Newport cigarettes) convenience has been their main goal. Blu cigs goal is to make the transition from cigarettes to E-cigarettes as easy as a breeze. They say giving up cigarettes is already hard, so the transition must be simple. Simple as it is, Blu cigs choose to offer only two starter kits so that people wouldn’t have a hard time to choose – The Premium and the Premium100 which main difference is that the Premium100 has a much stronger battery and can last longer too. They also choose to offer automatic batteries only and eliminate the manual battery which other E-cig brands often offer. Blu cigs also come in only two colors – which is black and white. Although few in colors, Blu cigs appearance is probably the best in the industry. The sophisticated looks plus the Blue LED tip is a certified head turner and can stand out among the swarm of e-cigarettes around. Blu cigs also have done other things to push convenience. They’ve created the infamous Blu cigs charging pack to let vapers charge their E-cigs anytime anywhere. And as of today, Blu cigs are sold in 80,000 stores all over the US so it is simple to buy Blu cigs online and offline – a feat that only the Blucigs brand have achieved.

Apollo’s Huge Selection
Apollo cigs main advantage to other E-cig brands is their wide range of products. Unlike other top brands, Apollo cigs offer different styles of Ecigs that can cater to both beginners and advanced vapers and because of this, their customer range widens. They have cig-a-like type (this type is the type that Blu cigs, V2 cigs and other e-cig brands offer) of E-cigarettes in their Standard and Extreme starter kits which are perfect for beginners. They have an eGo type in their superior eGo kit which has larger tanks to hold more E-liquids and a more powerful battery for thicker vapor and fuller throat hit. eGo types are easy to use so it can be for beginners that are heavy smokers and can also be for advanced users. Then they have vaporizers in their Vtube Kit. Vaporizers are the king of all E-cigarettes. The most powerful type there is with batteries having 3000mAh power and larger tanks to hold more E-liquids. With vaporizers, you can also control the way you vape so you can output thin and mild vapor or an of this world vapor production. It’s up to you. With Apollo cigs, you’ll really open for a lot of possibilities. They even have 25 awesome flavors to choose from unlike with Blu cigs that only have seven.

Whether you opt for Blu’s simplicity or Apollo’s complexity, the result will still be the same. Both brands can give you a great vaping experience and the e-cigarette they are high quality and will not leave you with easily breaking parts and leaking cartridges. So either way, it’s still a win for you. A great way as we see it is to opt with Blu cigs as you begin your journey to the vaping world. Then transition to Apollo cigs if you want more power and longer lasting E-cigarettes. Either way, enjoy both great brands!

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V2 Cigs or Halo Cigs or Green Smoke: Choose Wisely

If you’ve been shopping around for e-cigarettes, read on so you can narrow down your choices into three well-renowned brands in the industry. We are talking about V2 Cigs, Halo Cigs and Green Smoke.V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and Halo Cigs are American e-cigarette brands that are committed to delivering pleasurable e-cigarette experiences for their users in a very affordable price. They appeal to former tobacco smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking.

So why would you listen to us? We have tried more than a dozen of e-cigarettes, so we’re definitely in the position to help you get your first one right. We have looked into product design, vapor production, flavor, price and battery life, so you can personally determine what factor is most important for you. Read on and let us help you on your way to vaping.

V2 Cigs

v2 cigs review 27 V2 Cigs or Halo Cigs or Green Smoke: Choose Wisely

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful e-cigarette, V2 Cigs is the way to go.

It has an easy-to-use and no-frills design but can produce thick vapor and deliver a strong throat hit. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘throat hit’, it’s the feeling you get at the back your throat when you inhale a tobacco cigarette.

V2 Cigs’ Beginner Kit is priced at $36.27 and has everything you need to get started. It comes with 1 standard automatic battery, 6 flavor cartridges, an express charger and a disposable e-cigarette for you to try.

If you’re interested in customizing your own e-cigarette experience, V2 Cigs has plenty of other starter kits that give you the freedom to select your own battery type and size, as well as your preferred e-liquid flavor and nicotine strength.

Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit Blue V2 Cigs or Halo Cigs or Green Smoke: Choose Wisely

If you’re looking for something in between functional and high performing, Halo Cigs can provide you with two solid options. Though they are known for their Halo e-liquid, they also have top-of-the-line e-cigarette models that are pretty hard to beat.

They have two models of e-cigarettes: the Halo G-6 and the Triton Tank System.

The Halo G-6 is manufactured with unique technologies that allow you to get enhanced battery life as well as a smooth flowing heated vapor. The Triton Tank System, on the other hand, is a more sophisticated design that is perfect for advanced users looking for a superior e-cigarette. It has one of the longest battery lives in the industry, as well as a robust anti-leak system.

When it comes to flavor, Halo Cigs has 12 different varieties of tobacco-flavored e-liquid, four menthol flavors and six gourmet flavors such as Kringle’s Curse, Shamrock, Malibu, Belgian Cocoa, Twisted Java and Café Mocha. They definitely have more choices compared to V2 Cigs


2014.01.10 ecigologist 072 V2 Cigs or Halo Cigs or Green Smoke: Choose Wisely

If you are looking for a reputable brand that has been around ever since the beginning and still outshining the rest as of today, then GreenSmoke is the brand for you. With their specialize cartomizers that are tripled sealed to make sure the E-liquid stay fresh, you can get the thickest vapor the E-cig industry have ever seen for a cig-a-like type of brand. GreenSmoke also offer five starter kits and plenty of options for you to customize your Ecigs. And like V2 cigs, their website is so easy to navigate and purchase into so you will not have any problems. It is also worth noting that GreenSmoke’s customer service is something that you can always rely on with their knowledgeable and respectful agents.


There is no one e-cigarette brand that is better than the rest. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your unique preferences and when you go with the three brands above, you are sure to get superb performance. You’ve certainly made the right choice in deciding to switch to e-cigarettes! Whether you’d like to try V2 Cigs or go for Halo Cigs or choose GreenSmoke, make sure to use these Vapor-codes v2 cigs coupons, halo cigs coupons and green smoke promo code so you can get discounts on great products.

Use V2 CIGS COUPON CODE “CHIMNEY” to get 15% off all starter kits, or HALO CIGS COUPON CODE “VAPORLIFE” to get 5% off everything in Halo Cigs.

 Honorable mention:

Apollo Ecigs

Apollo has come up with a great starter kit one that I had to mention in our comparison. You can also use this apollo ecigs coupon code to get 20% off discount when trying out their smokes.